Harry Dresden in comics…

…. well somebody let the cat out of the bag!


This has been a really interesting process for me. I’ve never done this subright before so there was a heck of a learning curve. Luckily, the Dabel Brothers have been great. I don’t have the official PR release yet, but I hope to soon.

This is going to be fun. My inner dork who collected all the Invisibles issues is quite pleased.

6 responses to “Harry Dresden in comics…

  1. Great news! And I’m glad it’s finally becoming public, so you can crow about it!

  2. Heh. I sold a graphic novel to DC/Vertigo last year, the first such deal my US agent had ever negotiated, and, well, let’s just say it was an interesting learning experience for all sides. Way more paperwork than my book deals, too – I wound up signing a total of eight contracts.
    This was for an original work, mind you, rather than an adaptation – don’t know which is generally more complex…?



  5. I just found most of the Dresden books on sale at my local bookstore here – I was thrilled and bought two of them. Getting the comics here will be unlikely, though….

  6. >The Harry Dresden/Amazing Spider-Man team-up issue
    ::chortles:: Although, the thought of two wise-asses teaming up like that would just be scary….

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