first sale buzz

Just at the end of last week, I got to close a deal for a first sale! I love those. Option deals are nice, too, and they usually mean more money. Plus, it is so exciting to watch authors grow from book to book and be a part of that journey. But there is something about getting to call up someone and tell them that you’ve just landed them their first contract that is such a rush. (It’s even more fun when it’s a 3 book offer! *g*)

In other not-so-interesting news, I think I got a papercut on my tongue today while licking an SASE.

12 responses to “first sale buzz

  1. Great news for you and your client. Congrats!
    Boo to papercuts, especially on the tongue. Ouch.

  2. yay for the new client! (did s/he squeal?)
    sympathies on the paper cut. Here, let me drink that scotch for you, so it doesn’t burn….

  3. Speaking as an author, EVERY contract is a rush… but I do still remember that first. That disbelieving joy of it. Book contract. MY book contract. Omigodidonotbelieveit. My book. MINE. *MINE*.
    It’s got to be just as much of a rush being the one to hand one of those over.
    Congratulations to both of you, and many happy returns.
    (and ow, on the paper cut. They’re bad enough on the fingers, one on your tongue must be excruciating…)

  4. A papercut itself is bad – that it was on a SASE has to be the ultimate insult. *g*
    Congrats on the sale! I bet your author is ecstatic beyond belief.

  5. And here I thought you used a sponge or tape or something rather than licking.
    I can see how a first sale would jazz you and I am happy both for you and the lucky writer who has you as an agent.

  6. papercuts SUCK – oh, shouldn’t lick that either :)))
    I learned all about them bastards when I was young and foolish and worked for a printer – between the fingers eowwwwwweiiiieee…. and they seem to last forever too before healing…

  7. Owww on the papercut, congratulations on making that writer’s first sale.

  8. Congratulations on closing the writer’s first sale! I really needed to read something like this today; I sent out my first batch of query letters, and I’ve been a nervous wreck. It’s good to be reminded of the ideal outcome instead of the imminent rejection.

  9. And I should have added this to my last comment so feel free to add it. And if you took electronic queries, you’d be papercut free for life. hehe
    Evil Agent Kristin

    • Oh — we do take equeries (or so our submission guidelines say). I just still prefer the paper ones. I know you and I will argue about this until we are both dead. *g*
      Lack of papercuts definitely goes in the “pro” list for equeries.

  10. Actually, I have one. I just didn’t feel like filling it. Learned my lesson – yes, I did.

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