Coming in November….

In Murphy’s exciting series opener, Alban Korund, a winged, shape-shifting gargoyle, is framed as a murderer. He begs legal help from Margrit Knight, a human lawyer who at first thinks he’s your average Central Park stalker. Margrit soon becomes attracted to her stony client and fascinated by the shadowy world of the Old Races, who live secretly among humans. As she struggles to prove Alban’s innocence, Margrit herself battles a dangerous dragonlord, other gargoyles and a powerful vampire, as well as taking on the case of a selkie mother and baby living in a building destined for demolition. Margrit must also decide what to do about her jealous on-again/off-again boyfriend, Tony, a homicide detective who dislikes Alban and thinks he’s guilty. Realist, feminist Margrit makes for a deeply compelling heroine as she struggles to sort out the sudden upheaval in her professional and romantic lives. Murphy (Coyote Dreams) has created a refreshing addition to the urban fantasy landscape. — Publishers Weekly

12 responses to “Coming in November….

  1. Yee-haw! Am waiting impatiently. I’ll read anything that Catie writes, especially fantasy. Thank goodness she writes so quickly. (grin)
    Catie, congrats on a great review!

  2. I was just discussing with my wife how that will be the only new book I purchase until next year. (My TBR bookshelf has run out of space and I’m reading as fast as I can.)

  3. Um, I love her stuff. All of her stuff. I can’t wait for this.

  4. Wow, that’s a cool cover, too. I think I’d like to read this. πŸ™‚

  5. How well does she portray the “real life” of a criminal defense attorney?

  6. That’s a lovely font choice for the title. I like it quite a lot!

  7. ZOMG CE Murphy, World Famous Author !:D
    Go Catie Eggbert Murphy!
    (now when is her graphic novel debuting?)

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