Dresden Files

Hey…. I didn’t get the chance to post yesterday, but I am excited that the Dresden Files DVDs were released!


6 responses to “Dresden Files

  1. Yay!!!
    I was so sad to see that the show’s been canceled 😦
    But at least we can watch the first season over and over again.

  2. I was saddened to see that the show was cancelled. I’ve only seen one episode (lack of cable TV) but now I can and will Netflix the season and see if I like it enough (a la Firefly) to read it.
    And I have a bunch of Butcher novels in my queue of doom to read…

  3. It was canceled?
    I loved that show…that’s truly unfortunate, considering I decided to read the books after watching the show.

  4. Dresden Files
    Got mine! Also picked up and read all the books after seeing the series. Next up are the audiobooks read by James Marsters. Yum.
    Shelley A.

  5. Arg!
    The Dresden Files are already in my ‘to read’ pile, guess I might as well add them to the ‘to watch’ pile as well…

  6. Wait, wait, wait…it was cancelled?!?!?! Geez… where have I been? I have the series on my iPod, but you bet I’m going to be buying the DVDs as well.
    I. Love. These. Books.

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