it has been 25 days since my last (LJ) confession

Are you living well?

I’m seeing a veritable outpouring on my friends list and friends of friends for the passing of a man greatly admired and respected. I used to know him fairly well, but time and unsought distance had muted that. I wish it hadn’t. I remember him as wise and deep and smart, and a very talented musician. He enriched those around him. I grieve for his loss, and for those who love him that now must suffer him to go.

He was only 48.

2 responses to “it has been 25 days since my last (LJ) confession

  1. OMG! He was only a year older than I am. I didn’t know him much, mostly knew of him. Everything I ever heard was good, though. He performed Esther & WJ’s Jewish wedding on the occasion of their 30th anniversary at WorldCon in.. um… Boston, I think it was.
    I think the world has become a poorer place for his passing, just as it was richer for him having been in it.

  2. I am totally in shock. I knew David and Alexandra years ago when I was in college, and hadn’t seen them since … but David had gotten back in touch recently about hosting a house concert for him, and I regret to say I had kind of been slacking on giving him a firm response. *sigh*
    What is UP with the Universe lately?!?

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