in fiction, in life

Do not embellish so much in the pursuit of drama that you lose sight of the truth. Beware telling only one side of the story. It’s unfair to your audience, leaving them to think and act on false impressions.

And this is the sort of wisdom one has when one wakes up two hours too early….

3 responses to “in fiction, in life

  1. Interesting. In life, I agree with you. In fiction, I am not so certain…

    • Actually, on re-reading it I was just thinking that telling partial truths and half the story was a way to manipulate the audience into your version of reality. Which could prove useful, depending on what you wanted to accomplish.
      Really, I probably just need more sleep.

  2. Your wisdom’s better than mine, which is veering toward rickety staircases and where/when clues pop up.

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