random post-WFC commentary

I did not wear the hat.

Thanks to katfeete and icedrake for cheeeeeese! (Particuarly for icedrake taking the long and harrowing walk to the overflow hotel to fetch it back.) After the taste-test of two varieties, I’m happy to pimp Meadow Creek Dairy and very pleased that they are distributed to Murray’s. A visit there is long overdue and now I have an extra excuse, particularly since the Mountaineer is sold out on the farm’s website. (Note to self: See if I can get Formaggio Kitchen to carry them too as I’ve wanted to visit there for some time as well.)

I will not complain about my delayed flight and gate-switching for my connection on the way home. Particularly after what happened to mizkit. Neither was I relieved of any crucial toiletries en route.

Wish I could have bought more books but I didn’t have room to carry them home. There are quite a few I want to add to my already ridiculous to-be-read pile. I really should sit down and work my way through the last few Locus (Loci?) issues and come up with a shopping list. It’s almost Christmas-time…

Very good meetings with clients and editors. Lots of brainstorming for new ideas. A potential offer on the horizon. Jay Lake’s Trial of Flowers sold out in the dealers room halfway through the con! Met some new writers and was hooked by a few pitches. Not that there was any fear of running out of reading material between now and the holidays, but now I’m sure I won’t. (And I read Ken Scholes short story in Realms of Fantasy on the flight home after finishing Kathy Reichs’ Deja Dead, and am quite intrigued.) Programming? What programming? To be honest, none of the panels sounded really gripping to me (but that’s not unusual for WFC). I did, however, go to a handful of readings — even a couple that weren’t my own clients. Hal Duncan’s was particularly inspiring. The selection from Vellum was a bit confusing as an out-take (and I’ve read it so I don’t know what those in the audience who hadn’t felt like). The poem (not sure of the title, but it was something about Orpheus) was stunning. And his rendition dramatic and overpowering. The tux with tails didn’t hurt the image either. I’m not sure I entirely agreed with its theme (perhaps somewhat too adamant and polarizing), but its sheer artistry was powerful. Also got to hear suricattus story from Polyphony 6. That alone should convince anyone to buy the anthology (even if it didn’t win the World Fantasy Award).

Coming home to…

A little bit of email (by little, I mean… well, ouch). That will teach me to leave the laptop at home and not attempt to keep up between meetings. 18 pounds of queries. Two more manuscripts to add to triage. Back on the wagon.

7 responses to “random post-WFC commentary

  1. No hat? Even Michael wore the hat…

  2. See Djinn. See Djinn’s snark. Snark, Djinn, snark.

  3. Sounds like fun 😉 Now I know I don’t need to hound you, either.

  4. Got to see you, albeit quite briefly, at the mass signing. I would have loved to have chatted more, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Never even saw you at Laura Anne’s reading. Go me!
    (And no, I promise you I wasn’t stalking you because I want an agent… I just think you’re interesting. :> )
    Better luck next time, eh?

  5. To set the record straight, I didn’t walk to the Fairfield; I took the courtesy shuttle. It’d have taken me significantly longer to walk roundtrip, I fear :/
    BEGIN shameless_self_promotion
    We’re just about ready to start selling Mountaineer again through the website, if that makes a difference, as well as the Shiitake-Leek and Hot Pepper varieties of the Appalachian (which I don’t think you got to try, sadly, but is the one that took 3rd place at the ACS competition this year)
    END shameless_self_promotion
    I’ll make this a combined post: Your red Chinese jacket looked stunning! I was going to compliment you when I saw you, but you were busy, and by the next time you weren’t wearing it anymore…
    And a job-related question: It came up in conversation that Jenny Rappaport (I think it was her, anyway) was very concerned about running into people whom she rejected. You don’t seem to have that concern. When and how did you lose it? Or did you never have it to begin with?

  6. I didn’t wear the hat either.
    I saw you a bunch at the con! I really wanted to meet you, but either you were busy, or got up and walked away every time I got near the group. (I wonder, if I have this effect on agents who don’t know who I am, what kind of fear can I put in editors? *cackles*)

  7. This is kind of apropos of nothing, but I just finished reading Thunderbird Falls last night (yes it took me that long, I’m a college student) – and, um. Um. I want more. I feel all lonely in my head now that it’s over.

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