cause: connection not found

I’ve just gotten back my internet connection. It was down when I came in to work this morning at quarter past 8. It’s amazing how much this disrupted my workflow. If I hadn’t turned in my latest RTB post two days ago, it wouldn’t have made it online as scheduled this morning.

6 responses to “cause: connection not found

  1. I would have conniptions…

    • she sounded like she was jonesing pretty bad on the phone this afternoon…

      • It was just there was…. stuff… and I needed to look it up. And doing royalty statements while sitting at the computer and have said computer keep telling you that it was offline every 30 minutes… Well, it just makes the world feel really quiet somehow.

  2. Ah-ha!
    Yet another reason to query via snail mail, right? 🙂

  3. Ohhhh…. my cable/internet company is the move evil monopolizing conglomorate in the world. Its a wonder they keep winning customer service awards! I am always calling them for something regarding stuff not working!! It drives me bananas that they actually charge me $75 buckaroos just to check out the problem! *vents her anger*
    okay I’m done. :p

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