my RTB post

The I in Team, in which I have listed, in sparse detail, somewhat of an accounting of the village it takes to raise a book.

4 responses to “my RTB post

  1. Yanno, I think I already was aware of most of that, but, still…wow…

  2. Ah, great reminders. Thanks!!

  3. Jenn, in case no one has told you recently, you are the Best Agent Ever. *beam* *hugs from sunny southern Ireland*!

  4. One of the things I still boggle about is the how and why behind signing a new author. It’s one thing when you’ve got sales slips to back your name— it’s another when you have nothing.
    There really is a lot of faith (belief, recognition—however you want to name it) that an agent or editor takes in signing on a new name. Agents especially; I’m sure you ask yourself many questions in the realm of, “Do I really believe in this author’s work? Do I really think they’re capable of growing and producing more (on time, on deadlines)? Do I really, really feel comfortable working with this person for the next 5-10+ years?”
    Editors as well. They have to go through a lot of people to get new stuff published .. and there are only so many ‘puppies’ they’re allowed to keep.

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