matociquala should check her snailmail when she gets home. Mine just offered up an ARC of Carnival. I want to read it again right now! I like the cover, but I can’t find it anywhere online….

Also, this week, my email revealed to me the cover for the next Dresden Files book: White Night. I don’t even think that one is listed on Amazon yet, but if you want you can go here and see the cover for the British edition of Storm Front. And last week I got a copy of the German one: Sturm-nacht.

8 responses to “bookses!

  1. *grump*
    Your e-mail should also have shown you the prelim cover for Burning Bridges….

  2. I, as usual, know nothing of the finer points of marketing in the UK or Germany.
    From a personal perspective, I prefer the US cover of the three but award Cute&Clever(tm) Points to the UK cover. The German cover just says “generic horror novel” to me.
    Which is all okay, as I already have my copy. 🙂

  3. I’ll be listening to the CD of Fool Moon next week while on vacation (read by James Marsters!). Last year, it was Storm Front. They’re so much fun! 🙂

  4. Ah, Harry, how I love thee!
    Hi there…I stumbled onto your blog from Bookseller Chick’s and kind of geeked out when I saw the Dresden Files mentioned in the very first post. Then I flipped open the copy of Furies of Calderon which is sitting on my desk (less than 100 pages to go!) and whose name is featured first and foremost in the Acknowledgement? I think you know. *Doing the “We’re not worthy” motion at my computer screen* Um…so, nice to meet you!

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