random notes from a productive morning

*Warm fuzzy from thank you note for reviewing someone’s manuscript and offering comments (even though I ultimately rejected it)

*It’s so extremely frustrating when a book’s publication date keeps getting pushed back and back and….back (particularly when the book has been accepted and paid for)

*I really don’t think I can fit another sheet of paper in my filing cabinet.

*oooooh…. pretty cover (My Lady Knight by Jocelyn Kelley)

*Just had a requested manuscript show up that I really want to read Right Now, but I also just got three revised manuscripts from clients that I really want to review so I can get them out the door. waaaaahhhhh. (Note to self: Learn to read while sleeping. Follow up note: Investigate definition of sleeping.)

*Yanno(TM), I probably shouldn’t comment on what happened with Absolute Write other than to say it’s an absolute shame to have a valuable writer resource treated in such a fashion. Because I’m not anonymous. But go read what Miss Snark has to say about the whole thing.

*Hey, I finally got to flip through last week’s PW. (And that’s where that review of eBear’s Blood and Iron appears…. “Campbell-winner Bear overturns the usual vision of Faerie, revealing the compelling beauty and darkness only glimpsed in old ballads and stories…” Nice. Even if I already snagged it off Amazon to send to my foreign reps. I got an advance copy of the book yesterday too!)

*Two manuscripts and four proposals out the door — hurrah! (And, wow, I sure spend a lot on postage, both in sheer volume and in percentage of my budget.)

2 responses to “random notes from a productive morning

  1. Follow up note: Investigate definition of sleeping.)

    Sleep: what you do in your spare time.

  2. Woot!
    That means I may have some when I get home!

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