a couple notes on a busy day

The news has gone public… (so far, from when that first book sold – eh, dianora2 and suricattus?)

This vastly overshadows the fact that I sold Hebrew rights on a project today. My first time cracking that market, though, so it’s still noteworthy.

15 responses to “a couple notes on a busy day

  1. Cool on all counts!

  2. Apparently your plan for global domination begins with causing all the other agents to die of starvation…
    Oh, and mazel tov!

  3. !שלים
    Okay, so I don’t actually speak Hebrew (yet), but that’s pretty awesome. As is the show – I think I’d started the first Dresden book a while ago, but lost it in the move. Maybe I’ll pick up another copy.

  4. I’m the one who re-named it The Dresden Files, and now it is a TV show called The Dresden Files, and that makes me happy.

  5. This vastly overshadows the fact that I sold Hebrew rights on a project today.
    mmmm tough call I’d say. 😉
    Supah Job!

  6. Yay! Confirmation. I heard a rumour about the Dresden Files a while back, but then was left wondering about whether it would actually happen. This is great. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I hope I won’t have to wait too long before it airs in Canada.
    And congrats on cracking a new market!

  7. Pretty cool. I remember reading the first Dresden short story over on the OWW way back in … wow, 1998. Seems just like yesterday, and Jim keeps getting better and better.

  8. I met Jim and his wife at Writer’s Weekend last summer and gosh darn it if he wasn’t so darn nice…and if she wasn’t so nice too… But they are, no getting around it. Such enthusiasm! Such love for writing! Such belief that anything can be accomplished! He’s a joy to listen to and talk to, one just HAS to grin. And believe. So I’m very happy to read this…and yeah, the choice for Harry works for me.
    Congratulations to you too!

  9. Wow. Too bad I don’t watch TV. But I *am* planning to work on learning Hebrew this summer, so which book is it?

  10. *confetti and sparklies*
    (and, since this is Jim we’re talking about, a fountain of chocolate, too!)

  11. Hurray hurrah! Congratulations to both you and Jim!

  12. Congradulations to you and Mr Butcher both.

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