further up and further in

I’ve been having a less than pleasant week on a few other fronts, so I’m doubly appreciative of the good news that my clients have been receiving, and I’m feeling very privileged and well-rewarded to work with such talented people.

*Anne Bishop’s SEBASTIAN is at #5 on the Locus Hardcover Bestseller List. And the paperback release of DREAMS MADE FLESH is also at #5 on the corresponding list.

*Jim Butcher’s PROVEN GUILTY will be appearing on the New York Times Expanded List at #21! It’s also on the USA Today List, and the paperback release of DEAD BEAT made it to that list as well. Those two books and the first Dresden novel – STORM FRONT – also are all on the Bookscan bestseller lists.

*C.E. Murphy’s THUNDERBIRD FALLS got a full-color, back-cover ad all to itself on this month’s Locus! (by the way… for those of you who are having a difficult time getting your hands on a copy of URBAN SHAMAN, it’s been reprinted and should get back into the distribution system shortly and be up at Amazon and the like again… in the meantime, copies can be ordered directly from eHarlequin’s site: here).

*Rob Thurman’s NIGHTLIFE also made the best-seller lists at B&N/B. Dalton and Borders/Walden brick-n-mortar stores, the 4th and 5th slots on the mass market lists respectively.


And a peculiar story from the small-world department from yesterday. I got a voicemail from a film production company asking for a review copy of one of the novels I represent, and when I phoned back to talk with the person and confirm details, they were very surprised that I had spelled their name correctly already. So, I said that my mother had a friend with the same last name. It’s not a particularly common name apparently, so I was asked where my mother and her friend lived. This led to a conversation in which we discovered that the rep at the film company and I had attended the same high school, and there’s every likelihood that she is related to my mother’s friend (I couldn’t remember her first name so the conclusion to the story has yet to be discovered).

And, now, lest we think a literary agent’s life is too glamorous, I’m about to spend some time filing all the royalty statements I processed yesterday….

14 responses to “further up and further in

  1. Mazel tov to all concerned!
    And *sympathies* on the rest of the stuff this week. You’ve got the number — feel free to abuse it as needed (and just a reminder — I have this wine cellar sitting around waiting for a reason to be opened…).

  2. I’ve been having a less than pleasant week on a few other fronts,
    Hope things improve on those fronts soon.

  3. Good heavens. Did you go to the same high school at the same time? That would be TOO strange. 🙂
    I’m sorry you’re having a wretched week. 😦 *hugs*

  4. I posted the Jim news up on his site. That’s great stuff.
    Sorry to hear your life hasn’t been reflecting the awesome of your clients. 😛

    • I’m exceedingly pleased about Jim’s success. He certainly deserves it.
      As for the rest, as you well know, there are bumps in the road occasionally. But the wheels of the world won’t stop…

      • super week
        No way I’m letting you get away with feeling down! NYT extended list. LOCUS hardcover bestseller list, some reprints…
        Hey, we should be dancing! Way to go Agent Jennifer
        Kristin Nelson

  5. The one true agent of whom all others are merely shadows… We get it… 🙂
    Yay, you! And your clients!

  6. I used to work for a major credit card bank, and one day I got a call from someone with a very unusual last name. I used to work with and be very good friends with someone with the same last name, and because it is so unusual, I asked if he knew her.
    He was her uncle. I remembered her talking about him.
    I couldn’t handle his account after that, but I’m still blown away by the coincidence. At that time I lived halfway across the country from them and hadn’t talked to my friend in about 8 years.
    Hope your week gets better!

  7. Sometimes it’s a very small world, which can lead into my own wacky connection. When I graduated from college, my department’s director had a gorgeous Mississippi accent. I dared my parents to name it, and both failed, so I gleefully introduced the director — Dr. Tate — to my parents. Tate is a family name on my mom’s side, and within minutes the two women are chatting happily. Next thing I overhear: “No, we’re the Methodist Tates from Hattiesburg.” “Oh, really? My family’s the Presbyterian Tates from Hattiesburg.” “The one with the minister who killed his wife?” “Right, that one!”
    Somehow, in the course of their conversation, my mom and the director, both geneaology buffs, solved a hundred-year old mystery that the two halves of the Tate family really are related. Imagine that; the Methodist Tates can no longer claim they’re not related to the minister who killed his wife. *rolls eyes*
    All that, and the director still didn’t bump me up to magna cum laude on my degree, even though I argued nepotism should be alive and well (especially if it benefits me).
    Congrats on the bestsellers — go you!

  8. Good for good news!

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