new books

I’ve got new books coming out this week from some of my talented clients. You can order ’em up today!

Yesterday’s Releases:

Full Circle by Shannon Hollis. Part of the White Star miniseries: when an ancient romantic legend comes to light, a force for good tries to restore its secret sanctity. But a dark force, fuelled by a dangerous obsession, seeks it for personal greed and satisfaction.

…”fun, interesting, hot and sexy” — Romantic Times, 4 1/2 stars – top pick!

category: contemporary romance (Blaze is Harlequin’s “red-hot reads” line)

Thunderbird Falls by C.E. Murphy. Joanne Walker, a likable young Seattle beat cop, continues to learn the ropes of her even more dangerous job as a shaman in Murphy’s spirited second urban fantasy. — Publishers Weekly

first book in this series: Urban Shaman

category: urban fantasy

Today’s Releases:

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only consulting wizard, takes on phobophages, creatures that feed on fear who attack a horror film convention, in the diverting eighth installment of Butcher’s increasingly complicated Dresden Files series. — Publishers Weekly

first book in this series: Storm Front

category: urban fantasy

A Moonlit Knight by Jocelyn Kelley. 3rd book in the series featuring the ladies of St. Jude’s Abbey. In 12th-century England, St. Jude’s Abbey is no ordinary sanctuary of prayer and ritual. It was established by Eleanor of Aquitaine to train young women in the knightly arts, so that in times of trouble these formiddable women can be called upon to protect the royal family and England. (Originally pitched this series as “Charlie’s Angels meets the Middle Ages”)

first book in this series: A Knight Like No Other

category: historical romance

11 responses to “new books

  1. I’ve so got to catch up on the Dresden novels (I’ve only read the first).

  2. The Best Agent Ever is having a good week! Awesome! (I *so* *love* the new Dresden covers. Raar!)

  3. Proven Guilty and Thunderbird Falls should both be on my Maria bill for this month, and I’ve asked her to order me The Camelot Spell, too. I can see I’d better put more money aside for this month!!

  4. Lessee. Got Thunderbird Falls, read it, greatly enjyed.
    I read Proven Guilty months ago in ARC format, and again when I got an early copy of the actual book. Loved it like I do all of Jim’s books.
    I’ll probably check out Full Circle – I like the Blaze books, but don’t read all of them. :>
    Historical romance, so not my thing though. :>
    I will say you have an AWESOME roster of clients. Seriously. On the list above, there’s at least 8 I read regularly, and probably a few more not on the list, like Jim. So whatever you’re doing, keep it up. :>

  5. And I thought -I- had problems… I read enough books in ARC or advance format that it’s hard to remember what’s actually come out and what’s not sometimes. Often, I find myself enthusing about a book that won’t be on the shelves for weeks or months. It’s hard not being able to talk about some books because hardly anyone else has read them. :> But I wouldn’t change it for anything. Though I really want that next Dresden -now-. :>
    I’ve been listening to GRAVE PERIL on audio to help tide me over.

  6. You can tell with this question that I never carried bestsellers or significant “new releases” in my bookstore — isn’t there like a date for release and the books shouldn’t go out before then? Because I’m almost positive I saw Thunderbird Falls in the bookstore last Thursday, when I went for my weekly six-at-a-time stockup. I’d already hit six, though, so I was maxed out, but I remember reading the back copy & thinking gleefully of the Whedonesque-quote, “what’s the plural of apocalypse?”

    • Technically–
      –well, yes, technically there is a release date they’re not supposed to go out before. But in Luna’s case, the actual release date is the Tuesday before the first of the month, so THUNDERBIRD was officially out on the 25th. But its street release date is today. 🙂

  7. And I just received an Amazon g.c. yesterday!

  8. I just bought Thunderbird Falls, and I can’t wait to read it.

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