guess it really is a career choice

So…. I was just emailing with one of the other DMLA agents and realized that seven weeks from today I will have been an agent for 13 years! (Yes, I started when I was 12. Ha!)

I also just sold my 20th original book of the year this morning (and the 21st and 22nd).

20 responses to “guess it really is a career choice

  1. Congratulations on both 🙂

  2. Apparently you have some small aptitude for the business, hm? Go, you!

  3. 22 books this year so far? Wow, that’s impressive. Congratulations on a career you enjoy!

  4. Lucky 13–congratulations!

  5. And “Stolen Car” is my absolute favorite Beth Orton song.

  6. Congratulations! 13 years at a job in today’s disposable career climate is something of a feat in itself. :raises a glass of cyberbubbly:

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary and on the sales!

  8. Congratulations! And that’s quite a start to the year too!
    I’ve only been doing this half as long as you, and I’m sure you already realized this, but it’s only just sinking in how lucky I am to have a career that is not only challenging and rewarding, but is downright fun! The fact that I get to experience vicariously the joys of writing a bestseller is a nice bonus. ;^)

    • Hey, thanks…. And, yes, there are so many times when the job is its own reward. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much yourself. 🙂

  9. Congratulations! Here’s to many more — *clink!*

  10. Super congrats. On both tenure and this year’s sales. (21st…and 22nd…? Isn’t average sales like err… 9 a year if you’re lucky?)

    • I don’t actually know what the average sales are. And I’m only counting original novels – not subsidiary rights sales or work-for-hire deals. Last year as of this date, I had sold 9 original novels. *blink* So it looks like I’m coming a bit strong out of the gate this year.

  11. Wow. Congratulations!!!

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