Or at least it feels like a milestone this year. Early in the year, I reported a multitude (or maybe it was a fleet) of contracts landing on my desk. Since then I have been working on them non-stop in various stages. This morning I have reviewed a contract for an audio licensing deal and signed off on it. I think this is the first day this year in which I can report that there are no contracts on my desk awaiting review and negotiation. There are several in my pending file that I have not received FECs for, but there is nothing new. And, despite glancing suspiciously at my fax machine (whereby most contract drafts arrive), I may actually make it through this post with that still true. Of course, I’ve also closed three new deals this month (one for a Japanese translation, one for a German translation, and a two-book domestic deal), so it won’t be long now…. Still, I can momentarily breathe a sigh of relief and then tackle the accounting…

7 responses to “milestone

  1. Wonderful news! Now you have time to blink or do something really crazy…like get up and get something to drink! (But you know there will be something waiting at your fax machine if you get up, so do be careful. 😉

  2. Hurray and congratulations, both on all of the incoming contracts and on getting them all handled!

  3. *g* Beats the other problem, anyway.

  4. That is a GREAT feeling!
    Savor it!

  5. It sure sounds like a milestone to me.

  6. Oooh! Oooh! Sell more! Sell more!
    A. Client

  7. You, just for the record, are a kick-ass agent. 🙂

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