RTB post

This is the first moment I’ve had today to post the link to my latest post on RTB. Despite how busy things appear to have been, I feel as if I accomplished surprisingly little. It’s that singularity we call a Monday.

5 responses to “RTB post

  1. I’ve just come back to the news that on Valentine’s Day, I may be getting…a Rottweiler bitch.
    I’m not sure WHAT to think about this. Admittedly, it’s better than the cactus my other half previously purchased for his ex, on the grounds that one should say it with flowers.
    Neither of us really do romance. I’m sure it shows.

  2. Good column – I agree and applaud.

  3. One dozen roses $39.95
    Dinner at a fancy restaurant where only the manager speaks English (barely) $122.37
    1 Ct Marquise cut diamond ring $1988.00
    … dumping the Valentine’s Day tradition and instead spending the $2150.32 all on dark chocolate…. priceless.

  4. Hope tomorrow IS a good day for you 🙂

  5. Heya — Did you get me various recent emails? I’ve been having a little trouble lately sending to some people.

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