small cracks needles of light

So…. late yesterday I got another contract. Can you say wheeeeee? I knew you could. That brings me up to 9 this year to date. It’s an impressive amount of paperwork. Including last night’s I have four left to review and negotiate if necessary, two currently under negotiation (read: arguing with contract department about language), and four en route to their respective authors for signing. As I think I mentioned last week, I consider contracts one of the toughest parts of my job. I need a tshirt that says “I’d rather be reading” or something like that…

In other news, yesterday I bought my first batch of 2 cent stamps for SASEs (see this discussion if you don’t know why). A couple of the ones that went out were delays from the holidays. But others were mailed after the New Year, and, though it’s possible that I could have read them and turned them around before the postage went up on the 8th, it’s not very plausible. Also, I had one larger query package (someone who sent a non-business envelope) that cost me an additional 7 cents to mail back. In case anyone was curious, that money comes out of the same budget that mails my clients’ manuscripts to publishers both domestically and overseas. Luckily, 50 2-centers only costs a $1 (doing math in the morning hard, let’s read contracts).

In yet further news, caulay and matociquala are reporting that someone is giving away a permanent LJ account. They have some specifics on what sorts of journals they are considering. And you can’t nominate yourself. Go here to see what it’s all about.

And, no, I’m not obsessed with contracts – why do you ask?

10 responses to “small cracks needles of light

  1. Good work getting those contracts out! You’re really cruising. 🙂

  2. 2 cent stamps
    Heh. I sent off a sub to an agent before Xmas and put the extra postage on it–but he turned it around before the postage went up.

  3. so I’ve been meaning to ask–does my Del Rey contract fall under the 2005 sales or the 2006 sales, by your way of counting? (By mine it’s under the 2005 sales, but since the contracts aren’t coming through til this year I wasn’t sure where you put it. :))

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy. You’re a goddess!

  5. You’re the best agent I know! Okay, you’re the only one I know, but that’s not the point.
    Even attributing part of this glut of contracty goodness to “Holy Hamsters! I haven’t done any work since Thanksgiving!” Syndrome on the part of the issuing agencies, you’re doing a great job!
    If I ever learn to write, I want you to be my agent! (Don’t worry. It’s a very low order probability.)

  6. The postage rise came as a shock to me. Being in Australia, I never saw any news of it until after it happened–and two days after sending submissions to two publishers with mere $.80 stamps on the SASEs (now needing $.84).
    Neither of these is headed your way, but I doubt either has yet reached its destination. I found out about the rise the day after I sent the two packages, and now feel rather stupid. {sigh}

  7. Whew! I’ve always put “Agent/Editor’s Name but my address” as the return address for SASEs (so that if for some reason it bounced, it would still come to me, not back to them). But I’ve also always wondered if people thought I was a bit freaky for doing so, as it looks strange. (Using their name allows me to know at a glance who I’m getting a response from, saving (or adding to) veritable moments of panic and/or elation as I walk from the mailbox to the house.
    I’m glad to hear it’s a good thing to do.

  8. Congrats on the contract! 🙂

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