agency seeking new agent

Just in case anyone hasn’t heard, the Donald Maass Literary Agency is seeking someone for the position of Assistant Agent. Here’s a copy of the listing from Publishers Marketplace (it’s job #1766 if you have access to the site).

Requirements: Full-time assistant agent at well-established literary agency. Have your own office in our Flatiron district loft. Develop your own list of clients along with other responsibilities, which include: market research, submission management, heavy author contact, manuscript reading & evaluation. B.A. and agency or editorial experience required. We specialize in fiction so a passion for novels is a primary consideration. We are looking for someone who is highly motivated, organized and computer savvy. This is a strong career-track position. Start January 2nd. E-mail resume to

18 responses to “agency seeking new agent

  1. Wow! What a neat opportunity for the right person!
    It’s fabulous that the agency is expanding, too!

    • Actually, agent Rachel Vater will be leaving our company and moving on, so we are seeking a replacement for her position.

      • Oh man. . .and I just sent her a query, too, about three weeks ago.

      • Oh… well… then… um…
        “Change can be such a positive prospect for an individual or an organization! Congratulations on this fantastic new opportunity!”
        Goodness. Do I know how to step in it or not? I’m a master of “good intentions, comical results”. Remind me to tell you about the laugh one of my friends got when I tried to wish him luck on his birthday by buying him Chinese Funerary money. 🙂

  2. Splendid. 🙂 Good luck to your agency in finding the right person!

  3. There are jobs I’m less qualified for, but not many. 🙂 Hope you find the perfect teammate.

  4. The best jobs seem to appear at the moments I can’t take them…What a fabulous opportunity for someone.

  5. Good luck finding someone!

  6. Oh, that sounds like all sorts of fun! Too bad I’ll be at uni and in the wrong country come Jan. 2nd…

  7. Hey, didn’t I apply for something like this a couple of years ago with DM? I do hope you find the right person–I don’t think I would be a good agent, and it would cut into my own writing.
    Would you like me to link to this in my journal? Not a huge readership, but a good number of people in the NYC area…

  8. Wow, sounds like a great opportunity for someone!

  9. I have none of those requirements and will demand the offices be moved to Honolulu before I consider applying. Thank you.

  10. I’d be very tempted to apply for the position if I weren’t on the West Coast.

  11. Well I figured, “Why the hell not?”
    *sends resume*
    *crosses fingers*
    *begins praying to various and sundry deities*

  12. oh, wow. don’t I just *wish*
    (i had more qualifications than I do and that I could work in the states and I wouldn’t have to rent a refrigerator box for a zillion dollars a month)
    *sighs dreamily*

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