another RTB post

My column on The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Literary Agent is up. Thanks to mikigarrison for the idea and to everyone else who offered something up to percolate in my brain. More may come of that in the future….

6 responses to “another RTB post

  1. Wow, the article was great — definitely got at just what I’d been wondering about, and a gave me some things to think about as well. Thanks!

  2. *laugh* For the record, I just want to say I posted the lemon cake recipe in your honor *before* reading your Care & Feeding of an Agent post! *laugh*
    Mmm, your recipe looks good too. I’ll have to give it a try. And ooh, what cool cake pan! I like the blueberry moat. 🙂

  3. Good post. Most of it seems like simple common sense to me, but having had my agent for only short time now, it was very nice to read this from someone else’s point of view. Thank you.

  4. Very helpful; thank you!

  5. #3 – Communication — Contrary to what some writers appear to believe, your agent is not (necessarily) psychic.
    Letter from the offices of Miss Cleo, Psychic Literary Agent:
    Dear Mrs Smith,
    I am sending you this advance rejection letter in regards to your manuscript: NotQuiteFinishedYet. I appreciate your efforts, however I have seen that you have a career ahead of you as a sub mid-list hack and I am not interested in representing sub mid-list hack writers. You will however find that strugglingAgentX will represent you on your next novel, however in 2006 you will need to query otherAgentY as agentX will be arrested and sentenced for his third DUI.
    Thank you for considering Miss Cleo Psychic Literary Agency. I knew you would.
    -Miss Cleo
    p.s. Your husband is cheating on you with the maid.

  6. Miss Cleo
    Thank you, neutronjockey, loved that.
    Bernita from An Innocent A-Blog.

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