Dresden…. Harry Dresden.

Dresden Files pilot from Sci-Fi. It’s been in the works for quite a while, under option, etc. If the pilot does well, we might be looking at a series! Also reported by Cinescape here and I’m still waiting for Variety’s online site to catch up but it’s supposedly already reporting this in print, so we’ve moved on to the next stage in transit from book to screen.

In other Dresden Files news, books #9, #10 and #11 recently sold to his publisher and I hear there’s some very interesting twists coming in the new novels.

17 responses to “Dresden…. Harry Dresden.

  1. Cool! That makes my day.
    Except it means I’m going to have to get cable TV now 😛

  2. I’m torn between doing the Very Happy Dance for Jim, who has more than earned the exposure, and making like Bruce Coville, standing with my fists to god, saying “why not me, lord, why not ME?”
    Happy dance, I think. Yay for Jim! Yay for Agent Jenn! Yay for Harry D!

  3. Awesome! Congrats to Jim and congrats to you!
    *wants to know who’s going to play Harry*

  4. *beams and beams and beams*

  5. Huh. Now I know why I found the one of those I’ve read really annoying – I have a long-standing allergy to Really Popular Stuff. Apparently it affects me even when I don’t know exactly how Really Popular it is!

  6. Hooray! I adore the books, can’t wait to read more, and would really love to see a TV series based on the books as well.
    It’s so great to see a talented person succeeding like this.

  7. Wow, finally some movement on this! Awesome.
    My favorite is one of the comments on the Cinescape site:
    …and the main character will be Kal-El Cage.

  8. There is much discussion on McAnally’s on this… they are evidently shooting in Toronto (Toronto evidently=Chicago). We have asked Jim if he would play a walk on part perhaps in that awful talk show Harry goes on…but he said no 🙂
    I heard Nicholas Cage was the Exectuive Producer, which seemed odd until I remembered he’s a comic book maniac, and Jim’s books would appeal to folks with that genre fascination.http://sg.news.yahoo.com/051006/1/3vh4u.html

  9. That is SO COOL!
    I confess that I read the first Dresden book because I heard that Harry was inspired by Spike/James Marsters. I know it’s unlikely Marsters will get the role, but keeping my fingers crossed he gets cast as another character, because that would be so great.

  10. and of course we are looking into dates and locations for the first Butchercon, to be held sometime soon in the Chicago area…
    ya’ll rock!

  11. Rock on!
    Ohhhh… more books… ::drools::

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