late night query reading

I’m sorry…. Publish America is *not* a credential. *sigh*

27 responses to “late night query reading

  1. *wipes her brow, relieved she doesn’t have such a “credit” and thus her query can’t be the one in question* =)

  2. I had this argument with a local writer’s organization last year, when they inviting PA to their professional writer’s conference last year, and did not understand why this might be unprofessional or problematic. After all, they said, they’d had members who had quite positive experiences working with them. Sigh.

  3. Is it an anti-credential?
    Honestly curious if you would be pre-disposed against a manuscript (even subconsciously) knowing that someone had previously used and cited Publish America.
    And, not even if you are Travis Tea, author of the great Alanta Nights?

    • Is it a mark against someone to count it as a credit? I guess it depends on how they present it. If they’re trying to pass off PA as the next Random House, and they go on about being a best-seller and the multi-millions I’ll make through the movie sale, and so forth, then I would say the answer is yes. I don’t do well with the hard sell queries anyway. I *try* not to let it be a negative otherwise, but, to be honest, I don’t think I entirely succeed. Partially because any book that’s ever appeared with one of these queries has not raised my opinion of them as a publisher. The packaging is terrible; the editing is truly awful; usually the stories themselves aren’t new enough or fresh enough for me to think they’d be competitive in the commercial market. PA doesn’t appear to have set much in the way of content-standards for what they’re willing to accept. Ultimately, it has to be about the writing and I’m sure PA has managed, even if only by sheer statistics, to publish something good. But – not that I want to offend anyone – I just haven’t had it come across my desk yet.
      As for Travis Tea… Well, ultimately that book was rejected by PA. Obviously because they could not recognize its inherent literary quality and contribution to history. (Plus, I think I had three clients contribute chapters. *g*)

      • The tought never crossed my mind of using a hard sell type query. I’m not shocked to hear that people actually do though, what audacity!?! Maybe you should sign this one on with a modification that forfeits all royalties provided in the event that sales do not make the millions for you or movie deal the author requested. That’ll learn ’em.

  4. (deep breath)
    Wowzers. πŸ™‚

  5. Gak. I hereby solemnly promise that should I ever query you, you will not find any such thing in my query letter!

  6. Oh. Dear.
    ::offers bon-bons in sympathy::

  7. You mean people are proud of being published with PA? *shocked*

  8. Oh… wow…
    And apparently it’s that kind of day for lots of people. So here, have a ferret!

  9. ::twitch::
    I don’t think there’s anything else I could say.

  10. But perhaps a convenient warning sign?

  11. My reality is shattered.
    No, wait. Really isn’t.

  12. I’m sorry…. Publish America is *not* a credential. *sigh*
    BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes tears from eyes* Sorry I outbursted.

    “Wait, you mean PAYING someone to publish me DOESN’T make me a…??”

  14. Hey, I’m Travis Tea (Chapter 23, anyway). Shirley that counts? (Hee hee!)

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