When the Levee Breaks meme

I challenge everyone reading this – if they haven’t already – to donate at least $25 (more is good!) to the Red Cross to help in their disaster relief effort.

Here’s the link to make a credit card contribution: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp

Then, cut and paste this in your journal and pass it on.

4 responses to “When the Levee Breaks meme

  1. Hmm. Another time when not having a credit card is frustrating…..

  2. For folks who are too poor (like me):
    COnsider volunteering at your local Red Cross – they may need local help with this disaster, or others.
    FInd a CoinStar machine near you that takes donations for the Red Cross and give it what change you have, or can spare. The http://www.coinstar.com site can tell you where to find one nearby.

  3. Thanks for the link — I’m passing the meme along in my blog.

  4. I’m hoping they take PayPal – if not, it needs to wait until the weekend.
    But $25 is already earmarked for the Red Cross. And if any money comes in between now and then (I’m expecting some), they get more.
    As much as can be spared, should be spared.

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