Not to mention, those are some nice acknowledgements.

Did you realize you could accentuate your agent-hunting by doing a search on Amazon? Seriously. Someone mentioned this over on Speculations, so I tried it out with my own name, which, in quotes, turned up 134 matches, because apparently there is actually an author of non-fiction named Jennifer Jackson. Who knew anyone would pick such an unusual psuedonym? Heh. Oh, and there’s an editor named Jennifer Jackson at Viking — she’s not me either. Anyway, that search-inside-the-book feature sometimes includes acknowledgements, and I found the following matches that I recognized as mine:

* Dead Beat: “My agent, Jennifer Jackson, who has been doing ten kinds of running around getting various deals put together and for whom I am most grateful.”

* Urban Shaman: “…my agent, Jennifer Jackson, for her enthusiasm…”

* Furies of Calderon: “I would like to thank Jennifer Jackson, for her excellent advice in reworking this book.”

* The Invisible Ring: “My thanks to Jennifer Jackson, for her continued enthusiasm and support of my work…”

* The House of Gaian: “for Jennifer Jackson and Laura Anne Gilman” (the dedication, not the acknowledgements)

* Daughter of the Blood: “Jennifer Jackson” in the acknowledgements list

* Highlander: Shadow of Obsession: “To Jennifer Jackson, who reacquainted me with the good things about having an agent.”

* The Weaver and the Factory Maid: “…Jennifer Jackson, excellent agent…”

* The Famous Flower of Serving Men: “…Jennifer Jackson, agent extraordinaire…”

* A Knight Like No Other: “… For Jennifer Jackson – Thanks for your enthusiasm for this project- and never suggesting I’m crazy for trying something different …”

* Left To Die: “Many thanks to my agent, Jennifer Jackson, and to my editor, Laura Anne Gilman, for their support , hard work, and encouragement.”

There are also matches that lead to pages in The Agent’s Directory, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Science Fiction, and Jeff Herman’s Guide.

Overall, it turns up a rather random selection, but it does confirm the reality of sales and clients who actually think you did a good job.

11 responses to “Not to mention, those are some nice acknowledgements.

  1. *grump*
    from the acknowledgements of STAYING DEAD:
    “Jennifer Jackson (agent) and Matrice Hussey (editor): finestkind.”
    You’re also named in the front matter of CURSE THE DARK, as you know.
    Amusing story about the editor Jenn Jackson — since we shared an e-mail system at Fligtless Waterfowl, whever I forgot to adjust e-mail settings for external e-mail, she’d get stuff I meant to send to you….

  2. As if we your acquaintances and friends had any doubt about your ability, verve, drive and passion for your clients and their work. 🙂

  3. Someone please contact Mr. Butcher immediately. How dare he allow a google of Jennifer Jackson be displayed only a colon away from the words Dead Beat. 😛
    *duck* run-away!run-away!

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