instant gratification

I love it when you can take just a bare two minutes out of your hectic day and make a client happy. Yes, it was a small thing, but still.

It’s much more frustrating when it takes weeks, or sometimes even months.

13 responses to “instant gratification

  1. immediate gratification is my favorite kind, totally!
    you’re probably going to want to hit me for asking… are you looking for new clients? *cringe*

    • The funny thing is that I wrote that before I called you. So, now I have extra instant gratification. And it’s done amazing things for today’s flagging motivational issues. *g*

      • *laugh*! Wow! Yay Jenn! A good day for the Best Agent Ever! 🙂

        • Question regarding your icon: are you CE Murphy?
          Because if so, we’ve spoken in FM Chat a couple of times, and I wanted to tell you that when I saw your name on the shelves in B&N, I picked up Urban Shaman and thought it was fan-fricken-tastic.

          • I am! And I’m delighted you liked the book! Who are you at FM? 🙂

            • I’m not on the boards much, and when I am I can’t seem to decide on a username. In chats, though, I’m just plain old Rick. I remembered talking to you about Urban Shaman several months ago, then put it to the back of my mind – I haven’t been to FM in some time, so imagine my surprise when I was in the bookstore in Brookyln and saw your name on the spine!

  2. The small things are the important things…that making a client happy provides you such gratification is a wonderful and often times rare thing. Not just in the world of publishing, but anywhere.
    Myself, I choose to provide happiness by bringing two dozen donuts for the people who were at work till 4:30 this morning, trying to fix a build. I will receive gratification as soon as they are conscious to enjoy the sugar rush.

  3. Wonderful!
    I’m glad you’re taking the time for your clients. Little things do count 🙂

  4. Oh thank you so much Jen—damnit! Wait… not a client. Next please.

  5. Make that before you emailed me as well — 3 happy clients in one day. 🙂

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