take a look outside yourself and tell me what you see

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend… the weather was gorgeous here, for a switch… BBQed yesterday (Grilled Steak with Spicy Cilantro Sauce). I’ve spent the last couple days mostly reading. I know this shocks everyone. Two full manuscripts, a handful of outlines, and some partials. Strange how the pile doesn’t look that much shorter. Heh. And now I should write all the correspondence such dedication potentially generates, but I have three contracts on my desk to get through first, and they will probably take me a while. *whew*

In other news, Jim Butcher’s 2nd novel in the Codex Alera series, Academ’s Fury, officially ships today. And, boy, did that Amazon number jump this morning. Along with the paperback edition of the first book, which was released last week. And if that’s not enough summer reading for you, then try out some of the other recent releases from those talented people I call clients:
*Scardown – Elizabeth Bear
*Curse the Dark – Laura Anne Gilman
*End in Fire – Syne Mitchell
*Urban Shaman – C.E. Murphy

And now for another dose of caffeination before I start into the legalese….

11 responses to “take a look outside yourself and tell me what you see

  1. You have such wonderfully talented clients. (That has to say something wonderful about you as an agent.)
    I saw all but one of those titles (End in Fire) in Barnes & Noble over the weekend, and purchased them all because they look/sound exceptional.

    • You have such wonderfully talented clients. (That has to say something wonderful about you as an agent.)
      Aw, shucks.
      I hope you enjoy the books!

  2. Urban Shaman’s on my to-read list, and I just finished Hammered recently. Must write those other titles down to check out.
    Oh – OT question for you. I just finished The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keys (our local bookclucb picked it) and I was wondering, in case you’ve read it, what you thought of the depiction of the agents/agency in it.

    • I regret to say that that the Keyes book falls into the category of those I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet, so I can’t answer your question. A book that depicts publishing in an interesting light that I read many years, ago, though, had me chuckling for hours: The Bestseller by Olivia Goldsmith.
      Hope you enjoyed Hammered….

      • RE: Books that touch on the publishing industry, I enjoyed NAKED ONCE MORE by Elizabeth Peters. It features Jacqueline Kirby, and it’s on my once-a-year-reread pile.

  3. I’ll be purchasing Scardown this Saturday at Bear’s Toronto signing. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying Hammered. I bought it for my husband (who loved it), as it’s more his type of book…. but the characters are so wonderful that I’m loving the book.

  4. Haven’t started on the Codex Alera stuff yet, but did just finish Dead Beat. Gah! ::laughs:: I cannot believe what he did in that book. It’s excellent! I was chortling madly. Can’t wait until the next one comes out.
    Already started on Scardown… 🙂 I’ll clear out the “to read” list yet!

  5. I’d hate Jim, if I weren’t so damn proud of him. *grin*

  6. Bought *two* copies of Scardown (autographed by the creatrix herself) and at a independent bookstore no less.
    And now, just like Hammered, I have to go promote Scardown at work…

  7. You have to read this… I’m halfway through and in stitches!

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