I could just disappear. You cannot not reach me here.

There was a manuscript I was anticipating having for the weekend…. But I guess I won’t be reading the new Dresden Files novel just yet. Rats. *peruses pile* Well… maybe a Murphy or a Bear instead (between the two of them I could save a forest – heh). Or that Snyder thing. *g* Or I could go really crazy and try to read the whole non-client subs pile. Hmm….

Meanwhile, a *wave* in jlassen‘s direction…. a number of people have already pointed to this. I had wondered why his LJ went away. And then there’s nihilistic_kid‘s version. I’m remembering something that popped up in the romance blogosphere a couple months (or more) ago about an author who had her home searched because of the sorts of books she’d been ordering for research (of course, I can’t find it because “romance author FBI” for a search turns up a very large number of Harlequins *g*). Writing is a dangerous business it seems.

24 responses to “I could just disappear. You cannot not reach me here.

  1. Do you think I should take thisoff my lj user info page in light of what’s happening, then?

    • I’m not sure why you’re asking *my* opinion on it.

      • It’s just that it seems anyone who protests lately has been targeted; so I thought I would ask your opinion.

        • Oh… There is certainly no lack of outspoken types around, and it seems to me there are plenty of people who *haven’t* gotten “courtesy calls” as yet. And as far as I know we still have free speech, so I guess it would be up to you. If you’re not comfortable, take it down. If you want to leave it up, leave it up.

          • Okay, up it stays then. Thanks.
            It is the freedom of speech – the violation of people’s right to it – that concerns me. The art – well, it was art and not a statement of intent. That applies to writing as well as graphic art.

    • Damn. If you do, can I have it?

    • Perhaps “Days ’til Bush’s term is up” would be clearer (ha), but I don’t think you’re in any danger with that. We’re talking about threatening the President’s life, not his term.

      • lol. But what about the term and them trying (again) to get rid of term presidential limits with a limit that no president but the current one in office can take advantage of said repeal of amendment?

        • Uh… was something about your sentence a tad askew? I have no clue what you are talking about.

          • Okay, I forget the specific amendment that says a president can only serve two terms. They are trying to repeal that. They are also trying to make it that the only president (presuming they succeed in repealing it) who can serve past a present term is the present president – that is, that George W. Bush can run again but Bill Clinton cannot.
            Darn, gotta og at some point soon and find out he person on my flist who psoted the link so that I can show it to you. Not tonight (Terror’s sleeping, I just snuck on)

            • Well if anyone is it doesn’t have any serious backing in Congress or from the White House. It was my understanding that a President could not serve more than two consecutive terms, but it was permissable to sit out a term then run again. I think Bill Clinton could run again if he wanted to.

              • Actually, it’s two terms total, unless someone wants a more liberal interpretation of the rules. =^~,0^= Still, I can check with my ex on that, he’s a graduate of Touro Law Scgool.

  2. The writer in question initially claimed to be the subject of Patriot Act-related harassment triggered by the areas she was researching (SE Asian terrorist groups, etc). Turned out that she really was involved in some sort of criminal activity, and that was what was being investigated.

  3. >>Well… maybe a Murphy or a Bear instead (between the two of them I could save a forest – heh). Or that Snyder thing. *g*
    Oh, “that Snyder thing” for sure. Absolutely.
    (Always willing to throw in anything that could be construed as a bribe, enticement…)

  4. Sorry chiming in late from Brisbane hear… (so many nautical miles and 5 months to go before return to home port)…
    … now let me grab my copy of 1984 and read a few chapters. Thank god the Navy hasn’t asked me for an opinion of what I REALLY think.
    (is it safe here…will they tell on me?)

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