1 + 1 = ?

I’m convinced…. publishing runs on some sort of non-Euclidean math. The part of my brain that chose my thesis subject can appreciate this. The part that has to relate it to clients certainly does not.

7 responses to “1 + 1 = ?

  1. Heh. Not knowing what triggered that, exactly, but have enough experience of my own to guess.
    BTW, agreed with your e-mail but still think it’s obscene.

  2. At least your clients have you between them and the horrors of their publishers. You can at least comfort yourself that your sanity is being sacrificed in a noble cause.

  3. Urgh.
    Is this the thing you mentioned to me the other week? Blarg!

  4. I bet it makes your clients really paranoid when they see posts like this…They’re just sitting there wondering, “Is she talking about me? Is this about ME?” I know _I_ would be!
    I hope something really snazzy happens soon to take your mind off the cranky-enducing stuff. Like a new sale–or signing a new client! (Hides the hypnotist equipment behind her back.) Yes…that was a lame attempt at humor.

  5. 1+1=10 – in binary

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