every step counts

On Saturday, April 30th, suricattus will be participating in a fund-raiser to help raise money in the fight against women’s cancer. It’s been almost a year since the same disease claimed author Karla Hocker. There’s an online site where donations can be made to the Run/Walk this year. I’ve intended to make my contribution for weeks, but for one reason or another didn’t get to it until today. Looking at Laura Anne’s pledge page, I see she’s now only $650 from making her goal. If everyone on my friends list gave her $2.13 she’d make that goal. Just a thought.

6 responses to “every step counts

  1. As a survivor of cervical cancer, I’m all for it.
    Thursday is payday. Will make note to self. Damned good cause.

  2. Hey, the link for the pledge page is munged — my browser interprets it as having both an http and an https call.

  3. Okay. Did it. I don’t even think I’m on your friends list, but you got me. 🙂

  4. Thankee, ma’am.
    I’d wanted to be walking in honor of my friend kel (horror writer DGK Goldberg)’s battle, but instead will be walking in her memory. 😦 Anything I can do to help ensure Karla and Kel are the last friends we lose, I’m going to do it.
    All help is gratefully appreciated — 100% of the monies raised go directly to research, as the sponsors of the walk are picking up all the administrative costs.

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