an interesting claim…

Reading through a conference brochure with some of the guests bios… including an agent who claims to have launched more first time authors than any other agent in the world. Whether it’s true or not (and I admit to feeling dubious about the idea, considering the agency in question was only established five years before I started agenting myself), it somehow strikes me as a peculiar spin to put into a bio.

10 responses to “an interesting claim…

  1. Reading that, I’d assume the agent can get someone their first contract, but is so inept, the author immediately leaves for a better agent as soon as they can. So the agent has to keep picking up new clients. That, or the agent makes a policy of picking up agentless clients who have just made their first sale, negotiating the contract, taking the fee, and then not representing them further.

  2. the agent that launched a million lousy authors – woo! color me impressed.

  3. Reminds me of the writer who posted on a message board that her agent was planning to submit her novel to PublishAmerica, but after the Travis Tea coverage she was now reconsidering his advice.
    Bet that “agent” could also claim to have launched the career of many first-time authors.

  4. Drat. So I guess it’d be rather obvious if–when I’m rich and famous, or at least important enough to warrant a biography of my own–I put down that I invented post-it notes? Or maybe the internet. Think that would be more impressive? I think the only ‘most’ I could manage is possible ‘farthest number of miles travelled on bad wheel bearings’ (4,700, if you were wondering).
    In case you’re wondering, if you are travelling on bad wheel bearings, don’t. Dangerous. We clear?

  5. And one wonders how many of those authors are still with him. And how many fled screaming.

  6. I think the question is where exactly did said agent launch them? There’s probably a trebuchet involved somewhere.

    • OMG! I just watched a show on trebuchets and pumpkins (tis the season, after all)… I’m having bad, bad images…
      *tenative new agent presents manuscript*
      “Excuse me, sir… I’m hoping you’ll have time to look at my nove…”
      *Whooosh* EEEEEIIIIIEEEEeeeeeeeeee……
      *pan back to the red-neck agent who turns to his buddy*
      “Good one, Charlie, you almost hit the barn that time… Crank it up a bit more and I betcha we can lob the next guy clear into the creek!”

  7. including an agent who claims to have launched more first time authors than any other agent in the world
    New Spin: including an agent who claims to launched more firt time authors’ unsolicited manuscripts in the round file than any other agent in the world.
    Now that, I can buy.

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