busy, busy

tasks worked on today…

* filling requests from foreign reps for copies of books
* recording details of payments sent
* copying and sending unearned royalty statements
* filing (ugh)
* logging in new submissions
* a giant pile of emails
* sending info for ACN hotel research
* sorting out impossible pile of mansucripts to read over the weekend
* last night’s dishes
* the last of the post-ACUS laundry
* new entries on Spice and new recipe research
* marketing two manuscripts
* more books packaged to mail overseas

today’s annoying matter…
* receiving a full manuscript when only a partial was requested (at a conference)
* getting a proposal (from another attendee of that same conference) that I don’t believe I asked for at all

(During those author-agent interview sessions, I keep careful notes and I jot down the name and title of anyone that I meet over a meal or in a hallway to whom I extend an invitation to submit. This isn’t the first time this has happened. And I rather imagine there are many agents who wouldn’t know the difference.)

13 responses to “busy, busy

  1. I feel like I should get out little e-pom-poms for you. Go, go, go gadget-agent! ;D

  2. Truly, you are virtuous.
    Now put your feet up and drink this. No, don’t ask what it is. *g* Just drink it. Dinner’s on.

  3. I find that doing the dishes (by hand) can be somewhat relaxing, actually. *looks guilty*
    Something about playing with water and being free to let the mind wander.

    • I love washing dishes…and mowing the lawn!

      • Would you like to come over to my house? *hopeful look* ๐Ÿ™‚

        • of course! I used to mow all my neighbors lawns and I just can’t wait for spring, as in, about a week, so I can start mowing my yard. Oh, it’ll be heaven!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Blather. You were warned.
          Apologies to the non-Amber-gamer crowd for the interruption…
          This icon of mizkit’s should totally be a Trump! Now I just need a character to match (Chastity would need a serious rewrite) and a game to play her in.

          • Re: Blather. You were warned.
            That may be one of the most flattering things anyone’s ever said to me. Thank you. *beam*

            • Re: Blather. You were warned.
              Apparently you don’t get out much. ๐Ÿ™‚
              Seriously though, you’re welcome. I assume that since you’re flattered, it’s some combination of your own visage and your artistic skills. (No, I don’t expect to be told what proportions of which.)
              Since there’s actual reality involved, I hesitate to gush at the risk of seeming creepy. (I know, the guy with a cartoon squid demon icon is worried about seeming creepy?) I’ll confine my remarks to a general amazement at how many things are hinted at in that image. I won’t give my list–part of art is making up your own mind about these sorts of things, and again there’s the creepiness-avoidance thing to consider–but the overall effect is one of mysteries that you’ll spend eternity wanting to understand but never quite grasping.

              • Re: Blather. You were warned.
                Apparently you don’t get out much. ๐Ÿ™‚
                *laugh*! Hey! I–well, okay, it’s *true*, I *don’t* get out much, but as even a fairly low-key Amber geek, it’s pretty darned cool to have somebody think the image should be a Trump. ๐Ÿ™‚ But yeah, the picture is both me and of my own rendering, so the compliment is flattering even if I wasn’t a low-level Amber geek.
                Anyway, Cthulu icon aside, not creepy. I was terribly pleased with the result myself, and if you ever do want to make an Amber character and use her as the Trump, lemme know and I can get you a bigger copy of the picture. (“Her.” That would be the writer in me, apparently able to completely disassociate a photograph of myself with the concept of a character built around that photograph.)

                • Re: Blather. You were warned.
                  As soon as I find a worthy game and create a suitable concept, I’ll be in touch.
                  And that disassociation thing is good. You’ll want that layer of plausible deniability between you and the character’s actions. Especially an Amber character…

  4. From the Peanut Gallery…
    Knowing nothing meaningful of the agent business, I wonder why it’s a problem that someone sent a full manuscript when you’d asked for a partial.

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