my faithful minion demanded this

Link via matociquala who had it from sgreer:

publishing light bulb jokes (some of which I’ve heard, and a few new ones)

So… I’m wondering:

How many literary agents does it take to screw in a light bulb?

13 responses to “my faithful minion demanded this

  1. None. Their job is the convince the editor to change it. 😉

    • And to convince the author at the same time that it’ll be A Good Thing.
      (ps–PNH dropped by my friend’s LJ, delighted to find that the list he & TNH came up with back in ’98 or so is still making the rounds. If you read through the replies, he’s down at the bottom, including the original answer to one question, and another that doesn’t seem to have stayed on the list. The power of the internet: we finally get attribution!)

  2. Two, same like other folks. But they have to veerrrrrryyyy small….

  3. These are all very funny, especially the first.
    *waves* Hello. I came across your LJ by a very meandering path. I was looking for a particular Colonel Tavington fan fiction by a favorite author of mine. The title of the fiction is the same as your LJ. When I googled it, the LJ popped up first. Thinking this was her blog, I checked it out and discovered you. : )
    I have read several of your entries and find them fascinating. I’m a recently published author with a small press called Amber Quill. I have also written in fan fiction for two years now. All that being neither here nor there, I wanted to let you know I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and getting a glimpse into the mysterious world of publishing.
    I will admit; however, that what truly caught my eye was your remark about being a foodie and having on your flist. I always love to get in contact with other foodies, and I worship Alton Brown.
    Anyway, I hope you do not mind that I friend you. I’ve enjoyed reading your journal so far. Should you ever find a free moment, stop by mine and give a wave.
    Kind regards – white munin

  4. They’ll get back to you in six to eight weeks on that. *g*

  5. How small are these agents?
    Man, if even ONE agent can fit in an itty-bitty light bulb, don’t sign with that one . . . he’s too small! *grin*

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