As inspired by Cassandra Claire

Picked this up off new friend sgreer (and it turns out that Beth Bernobich is the ring-leader of this group – heh).

My faves:
“Will be outrageous curmudgeon just like Harlan Ellison, but taller.”
“Have forged Ring of Power. Now will run world of publishing MY way.”

7 responses to “As inspired by Cassandra Claire

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  2. Yeah, when I found it, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh hysterically and tell the rest of my writing crew… or hide it. Because some of it’s just too true:
    Ran out of my office, shouting with glee! Spouse and child both picked up baseball bats, until they remembered who I was.
    Boy, do I feel like that sometimes.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed them. 🙂
    Now if we only had a Frustrated Agent Diary. That would be a spiff addition to the collection. No?

    • I’ll think about it…

      • I was fiddling with an icon-gift for a friend, and recalled a throwaway comment of yours…and ended up with this. Naturally, when you write those spiffy secret agent diaries (just think! doesn’t that sound cool? you’d be a Secret Agent!), you need a suitable icon for the mood.


  4. agent blog
    Oh, come on. You could probably come up with a good agent spoof.
    Day one: Aspiring author from Kazakhstan insists that a novel documenting the illicit love affairs of goats is THE up and coming NYT bestseller. Demands an agency contract.

  5. I’m just browsing through your archive, and the name Cassandra Claire stopped me. Did you know CC is a well-known plagiarist in the online world, and yet managed to get original stories published? I wonder your thoughts on that would be.

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