another interview

Just a few days ago I posted a link to an interview with Laura Anne Gilman. It must be a good month for such things…. there’s a short interview with my client Shirley Karr up on the Simply Romance site. And her advice for writers is: Write, revise, submit. Repeat as needed. And write the kind of stories you most enjoy reading – your passion and pleasure will communicate itself to the reader, and elevate your story-telling skills. This is a tough business, so do everything you can to enjoy the journey, the actual process of writing.

11 responses to “another interview

  1. Out of curiosity, do you know if Laura Anne Gilman has any connection to Greer Ilene Gilman, author of Moonwise? The former’s book Staying Dead happened to come up in my Recommendations list, and aside from the book itself sounding interesting, I happened to notice the similarity of names since I really enjoyed Moonwise. 🙂

    • I believe I’ve been repeatedly told that the two authors have no relation. Regardless, I naturally encourage you to read STAYING DEAD. *g*

    • S’far as we’ve been able to determine, if there is a blood-link, it’s at the third cousin twice removed stage.
      Do hope you indulge in the recommendation from Amazon, anyway. *smile*

      • That’s two resounding recommendations! Good enough for me, I’ll pick up a copy at my earliest opportunity. 🙂 Thank you kindly!

        • Well Anna,
          Keep in mind the source of your recommendations; not exactly objective opinions;). I however, am only loosely connected to either of these two ladies by a Form-R and would highly recommend STAYING DEAD. Laura Anne brings fully realized, three-dimensional characters and a very consistent magic system to the already frenetic pace of Manhatten. Her novel has shocked (no pun really) many readers: it is very different from the rest of the Luna line, but has already set an expected tone and standard for future Lunas for many hardcore gothic, urban fantasy, and paranorm readers who were introduced to the Harlequin imprint through her writing. If anything read it twice: once to enjoy the story; and a second time to learn how an expert wordsmith crafts words and sentences together. I couldn’t read it fast enough because I kept pausing and wondering…how’d she know to do that?
          /soapbox returned to normal status

          • *grin* I rather clued in to the lack of objectivity here. 😉 However, thanks for chiming in!

          • If I didn’t know better I’d say you were getting paid by someone for that recommendation, Jeff! =)

            • If this is the KatieMack then you already know I don’t hand out compliments for the sake of doing it. You can google STAYING DEAD and see exactly what I’m talking about. Reviews from websites devoted mostly goth, hardcore, paranorm, (insert name of other hardcore subgenre here) all saying the same thing: ‘I was shocked’,’I couldn’t believe this was a Luna’Besides, I think LAG or Ms. Jackson would pick someone who was less apt to abuse elipses and semicolons to do a paid review. 😉

              • Yes, this is “the” KaitiMack and of course I was just giving you grief. =) I read Staying Dead right when it came out so I know you’re being sincere. ‘Sides, I’m writing an urban fantasy intended for Luna so I am VERY pleased with how well LAG’s first Retriever novel did. =)

  2. Simple advice like this is a good reminder for those of us with labyrinthal emotional states about our writing.
    Thanks to Shirley for saying it, and thanks to you for posting.

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