dead trees

Tedious statistics -but curious, anyway… My copier/printer was giving me low memory errors today. That’s never happened before and in an attempt to figure it out and get it working again, I ended up printing what it calls a configuration report. Among other things it has page count information. I’ve owned this printer since about this time last year and bought it because my old copier caught on fire and my color printer was laboring with the printing load of all those submissions and so forth. In any case, according to the report:

I’ve printed over 15,000 pages.
I’ve copied almost 6,000 pages.

That’s a lot of paper!

15 responses to “dead trees

  1. I suppose I should ask you if you want me to send hardcopy of those files I e-mailed you today, then, hmmm?

  2. shhhh…Green Peace blog lurkers are everywhere, follow up with a publicly posted memorandum that says you intend to participate in this holiday ,if nothing else but to save your Kharma.

  3.      As a friend of mine once said many, many years ao:
         Die, stupid tree. Die. You’ll never eat another kite.
         (No, not Charles Schulz, though my friend did kind of take the quote or the idea for it from Peanuts).

  4. …because my old copier caught on fire…
    CAUGHT ON FIRE?! Good grief, that’s a little bit more exciting than I want my office equipment to be.

  5. Richard Shindell. Good stuff.

  6. Save a writer, kill a tree.
    The idea of a flaming copier scares me.

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