Seems like a generous thing to do….

Live Journal is offering a two week extension to all paid accounts because of last weekend’s power outage. You just have to click this.

Of course, that made me realize that mine was about to run out. I guess I need to decide whether it’s worth continuing the paid account or not….

5 responses to “Seems like a generous thing to do….

  1. Thank you for posting this Ms Jackson. I didn’t see this at all, is this some obsure little link only findable after several clicks? After posting a few times and lurking your LJ, I’m friending you despite professional courtesies and ethical protocol. You have been friended; you have been warned! I’m standing by for a beating at your leisure. 🙂

  2. Did you, in your period as a paid LJ user:
    Use an S2 Style?
    Customize an S2 style?
    Upload more than three user icons?
    …and use them regularly?
    add more than five links to your home page?
    design a custom mood theme?
    make more than one phone post?
    use email to post livejournal entries?
    take advantage of live journal’s photo hosting service?
    make polls in your LJ?
    use as an email forwarding service?
    read your friends of friends list when you really have time on your hands?
    count up your yeses.
    Can you give those benefits up without shedding a tear?
    if so, don’t bother renewing. I use a lot of the paid user features, and I covet the 35 additional icons, so I renewed for a year already. but if you don’t use the paid member extras, bah to it.
    I will always be here to tell you not to spend money. Try the veal! It’s pretty good.

  3. I like the S2 styles and the extra icons. I have actually reached the point where I’m considering buying more icon space. I never thought that day would come…

  4. Thanks for the heads up.
    Sorry to hear that you are sick, though.

  5. I like being able to pull my livejournal easily into my own web pages.
    But more, I figure I use livejournal enough, and get enough out of it, that I want to support it, and $25/year is a pretty reasonable rate to do so.

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