on being a celebrity…

One of my clients has announced that she’s going to be on tv – the CBS Morning Show – on Monday! See the details here. She says she’s getting a “very tired ageing middle-aged writer lady” makeover. I bet lots of people will be envious of that – and all the free clothes and stuff. Pimp the books! Pimp the books! *g* Which can be bought via this page on her website.

3 responses to “on being a celebrity…

  1. Have already got the TiVo set. *g* Can’t wait to see her transformation, even if it is at an ungodly hour for her.
    In other news, however, being the food/gaming geek that you are and with our mutual admiration of Herr Alton, thought you’d get a kick out of this.
    Make sure you read the cartoon, then see who he got a note from. 🙂 Even I was squeeing.

  2. I have a quick “query manners” question (unrelated to the post):
    When receiving queries, how do you prefer to be addressed? “Dear Ms. Jennifer Jackson”? “Dear Jennifer Jackson”? “Dear Ms. Jackson”? Obviously correct spelling is a must, but is there any reason to choose one of those over the others (or is it simply a matter of the preference of the person reading?). My instinct is to go with “Dear Ms. Jackson,” but I know many people can be sensitive about titles.
    Thanks in advance, and I hope that’s not too nitpicky of a question. =)

  3. It was such fun.
    And I’m going to be on television again, along with several other NorCal members of MWA; we’re going to be the people manning/womanning the phones at the KTEH annual fundraising telethon on 4 March. From CBS to PBS, but they want four copies of the book, and a photo and a bio, so I think they’re planning on showing the books during the evening.
    Which is nice, because the viewership for that tends to be nearly a million people…

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