Here’s a subject line you don’t see every day:
“Author Barters Eternal Soul for Publishing Deal”

In unrelated (to my knowledge) news — one of my client’s books just got a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly (which has been on my desk since Monday but I’ve only just now taken the time to read it). I am chuffed, considering that this book took me over three years to sell. Her last novel was published in 1992. Anyway, it’s R.M. Meluch’s The Myriad: Tour of the Merrimack #1 (and #2 is under contract as well). And the magazine had this to say:

“Most military SF emphasizes the military, but while Meluch depicts combat and warrior culture as well as any writer in the subgenre, the true joy of this outstanding effort…lies in its inspired use of current speculation on the origins of the universe, quantum singularities and even the old chestnut of time travel…Meluch shows particular skill in creating memorable characters while exhibiting a refreshing ruthlessness in subordinating them to the logical ramifications of the plot.”

3 responses to “

  1. Publishers Weekly. Not “Publisher’s Weekly”. Really!
    Yes, it’s the commonest error in book publishing, and yes, I’m on an extraordinarily trivial mission from God.

  2. Anyway, it’s R.M. Meluch’s The Myriad: Tour of the Merrimack #1
    Very cool. 😉

  3. RM Meluch!
    I have all her books! I find them genuinely different sf, not just because of the frank slash/gay flavor, but the whole tone, somehow. I’m glad to know there is more coming, and will be buying!

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