papercut after papercut

Another one of those day-in-the-literary-agent’s-life entries:

In office by quarter past 8 or so:
*read (and answered some) emails that had accumulated overnight
*read and replied to queries
*did filing
*updated Amazon cart for Christmas shopping
*read synopsis from client for option book and sent comments
*read two client proposals (comments to be done tomorrow)
*closed three book deal that has been in the works for three weeks!
-lunch break (20 minutes)-
*appointment scheduled for second phase of piano repair – hurrah!
*marketing: 1 YA, 1 mystery/thriller, 2 books to overseas agents, 1 historical
*logged new submissions
*reviewed and made notes on 2 contracts (hopefully will finish that tomorrow)
*post office run
-dinner break-
*unpacked office supplies delivered earlier
*2 hours cleaning out filing cabinet to make more room

Best line from a query today: I confess with my head held high that I am a “publishing virgin”. However, that doesn’t mean I’m inept between the sheets (of paper, that is!).

And, now, to read myself to sleep….

One response to “papercut after papercut

  1. Yay piano!
    (Okay, so not really what most of the post was about, but I can’t help it. Yay piano! anyway.)

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