crawling out from under the rock

I think I have to stop going to conferences. Luckily, my next one isn’t until February. I once again returned home and promptly got quite ill. I’ve started up another round of antibiotics and the doctor once more gave me the pretty blue pills that make my world all wobbly. I’m starting to climb out of it. Don’t all rush me at once. If you’ve sent me an email – whether work-related, game-related, or of some other nature – or a manuscript, or whatever – I will get to them all as triage (and medication) allows. I am reserving the right to take a long weekend, especially after spending a bit over two hours making apple and cranberry chutney last night to contribute to the holiday table.

Meanwhile….in an attempt to start re-connecting, I’m stealing this meme from matociquala:

If you’re in the mood to know a little more about me, please choose something on my interests list or in my livejournal bio that confounds or amuses you, and ask about it here. I’ll answer as best I can.

Then post this is your journal. Lather, rinse, repeat!

17 responses to “crawling out from under the rock

  1. There’s absolutely a bug going around. Don’t worry, my e-mails can wait. She said, chewing her nails and shuffling papers nervously…

  2. Regrettably (for providing work-avoidance for you), none of your interests confound me (though some do amuse).
    But best wishes for a quick recovery. If you can make it ‘s in the early part of the weekend that would be great. (I have obligations that require my return home later on Saturday.)

    • Pleased as always to amuse – you know it’s what I live for. (Is there a sarcasm smiley?) In any case, familial obligations take me in the opposite direction for Thurs/Fri, but I am hoping to make it up to see the new place on Saturday – with any luck not too late to miss you.

      • Well, according to this source, there is “%-}” to indicate “silly sarcasm”, “:/)” for “not funny” sarcasm, and a great many more. In contrast, the English to Smiley dictionary offers “:-]” for sarcasm (which works much better IMHO), along with “:>” and “:->” for sarcastic remarks.
        As for this weekend, while I hope that I shall see you, you will have to come up and see our new place (dinner perhaps) soon. We just need to get a few of the cardboard monuments removed, a wall or two painted and some new furniture.

  3. the pretty blue pills
    Why oh why didn’t I take the *blue* pill?
    Glad you’re starting to feel better. Let’s see. *looks over your interests lists* What the heck is an ectophile? Or a wusthof?
    *looks over her own interests list* Gosh I’m dull. 🙂

    • Given your writing and your fudge-making talents, I shall never be able to agree that you are dull.
      wusthof is a kind of knife… lovely sharp things of which I have several….
      an ectophile is one who loves ectophilic music (kind of a circular definition I’ve always thought) — see for more information….

      • Ooh! I’m an ectophile, too! I never knew! And it sounds like Wusthof is something I should look in to for my husband da chef. 🙂
        Speaking of fudge, I need to make a posting about that…

  4. Okay, “adrpg” is the only one I don’t recognize/don’t share (Wusthof, yum. I need more Wusthof…)

    • one can never have enough wusthof…. bought the 25 slot swivel block this year.
      adrpg = Amber Diceless Role Playing Game – based on Zelazny’s Amber series; game originally published by Phage Press, rights now owned by Guardians of Order

      • I have more on my wishlist, but for now am making do with the seven-piece block I got ten years ago…. maybe with my next big advance, she said pathetically. *grin*

  5. I can guess what criminalistics is and why you might be interested in it. but I’d like to hear your version of that story. I’m also curious about how you got into ecto (which I ought to list on my interests).

    • Criminalistics, as I see it, is the science part of forensics – the examination of physical evidence using scientific methods to deduce information about a crime. It’s grown out of my general interest in forensics, which has always sort of hovered in the background but has recently gotten a lot more attention as I am working on expanding my client list in the areas of mystery and suspense and doing more background reading. I keep telling people who ask that this has little application for me personally…
      How I got into ecto. I blame . He is soley responsible. Not that and and have not been supporters of my ecto-corruption. It all started when I was warned that carpooling to an RPG at ‘s would result in exposure to “eclectic musical taste.” I think it was anticipated that I would reject it. Instead, I liked it, and a few months later found myself freezing to death in Boston en route to see Sarah Slean in a small coffee shop near MIT (I think it was). It’s been all down-hill from there including house concerts by Happy Rhodes, Veda Hille, Vienna Teng, Rachel Sage, Elizabeth Elmore, Noe Venable, Trina Hamlin… (to name a few).

  6. Definitely a nasty bug going ’round, she hacked. I am seriously put out that my doctor didn’t prescribe mind-altering drugs. But, then, she hardly ever does. No fun, that woman.
    Feel better.

  7. I am quite often both confounded and amused by you, but I don’t have any questions.
    Get well soon though!

  8. Yeesh. Feel better soon! (And mmm, apple/cranberry chutney sounds good.)

  9. Do you know of the wonders of Airborne? I swear by it as my favorite insulant against large-gathering microbes.

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