writing is a dangerous business

I’m having a post heavy day – mostly because I’m trying to take the advice of my friends and work only lightly on what should be a national holiday. *g* In any case, to those writers out there, you had better make your SO’s and spouses sign non-competition and nondisclosure agreements before you become best-sellers. Or else this could happen to you.

[James]Patterson is being sued by Christina Sharp, which whom he was involved romantically for a period between June 1996 and April 1997. Sharp alleges that CAT AND MOUSE includes some of her work, and asserts that SUZANNE’S DIARY FOR NICHOLAS was based on her idea. Judge Gerard E. Lynch wrote: “In tandem with their romantic relationship, Sharp alleges, the two ‘developed a close professional relationship,’ in which Patterson discussed problems with his writing, and Sharp helped by acting ‘as a sounding board and [making] suggestions.’

Edited to add: I did post this mostly tongue in cheek as the court appears to have thrown out most (but not all) of the counts against Patterson. My statement about agreements above is not intended as actual agent-derived advice. It was largely sarcastic. But I found the case, er, interesting.

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