on concession

So – what – are they just going to stop counting? I mean – I know it’s all been frelled already with stupid machines that don’t work and people turned away or absentee ballots “lost” or whatever. But I’d like an actual count in the end.

10 responses to “on concession

  1. I was wondering that myself.

  2. A count would be nice. I think it’s the psychological equivalent of needing to see the body…

  3. The law, as I understand it, requires that provisonal ballots must be verified and then added to the totals if they are cerified as being from a legal voter. I can only guess that Kerry has decided not to hold up the election processs, as deeply flawed as it may be. I’m not going to try to read anything more into it and watch what he has to say at 1:00.

  4. Yeah, there is a comfort to knowing, instead of guessing.
    (I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my friends list!)

  5. Yes, they will be counted
    They have to count because the margin of victory was less than the number of absentee/provisional ballots, so to officially award their electors they need to jump through the hoops. But because there weren’t a lot more votes than the gap the chances of them all going to Kerry is very very slim, which is why he went ahead and conceded.

    • Oh – I know the statistics. But I guess that isn’t my point. I guess I still feel a decision shouldn’t have been made until it was *known.* Maybe that’s a bit too difficult to manage in reality. I mean, you can’t put a whole country on pause. It just doesn’t sit well, though.

      • And I would say that, I think, no matter which side I actually voted on.

        • I’m not happy about it (the concession), but I think he did the right thing. Dragging it out for another two weeks or longer when it’s pretty clear you didn’t win does no one any good.
          Last year was simply awful – justified and the right thing to do because it was so close. I don’t want to be dragged through it again because it just isn’t that close.

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