Books! July-December 2004

The quantifiable part of my job – it always makes me feel so good to see them hit the shelves! In any case, it’s not too early to begin holiday shopping. (And I have to admit that I will really despise people who have already finished as I have only purchased one gift for my sizeable family and haven’t even begun to move on to my friends…) In the latter half of 2004, a few of my clients have had books released. Might I suggest for the book-lover in your family (or for yourself if you need a little pick-me-up after too many hours at the mall *g*):

HammeredFuries of CalderonBloodritesThe Perfect BrideStaying Dead

Just a couple days too late for Christmas, but a fine selection if you’re in a position to be giving belated gifts or New Year’s gifts…. Elizabeth Bear’s Hammered. Also known as matociquala, you can find an excerpt here.

Released in October 2004, the first book in Jim Butcher’s new high fantasy series: Furies of Calderon. It’s already gotten a *great* review from Publisher’s Weekly. (The sixth book in Jim’s popular Dresden Files series was also released this summer: Blood Rites).

Jo Ann Ferguson’s The Perfect Bride (October 2004) – for those of you in the mood for a traditional regency that is the start of “a new trilogy devoted to the three Dunsworthy women, and her inspired use of an interesting historical moment and the Plymouth setting [which] gives her latest charming Regency a refreshingly different flavor” (Booklist).

suricattus‘ (otherwise known as Laura Anne Gilman) Staying Dead (August 2004), the first novel in the adventures of Wren and Sergei (oft featured in short stories). You can find more details here and the book made this month’s Locus Bestseller list too!

Deborah Grabien (AKA debg) will have her second novel about ghosts, music and mystery released in November, just days from now. It’s called The Famous Flower of Serving Men, and has already garnered great reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and Library Journal.

Brenda Hiatt is the author of fourteen novels, most of them set in her beloved Regency England. The most recent is Taming Tessa (September 2004) – “This charming and entertaining love story, with its nice overview of hunt clubs and riding to hounds, is ideal for the horsewoman in all of us” (Romantic Times 4 star review).

John Pelan’s A Walk on the Darkside (September 2004), the third volume in his non-themed horror anthology series – including an original story from Caitlin R. Kiernan. The first book in this series won the Bram Stoker Award a couple years back.

Patricia Rosemoor’s In Dreams (September 2004) from Harlequin’s hot Blaze imprint. The author’s fourth book for this line, she has written many others for Intrigue.

Coming in December, Mike Shepherd’s 2nd book in the Kris Longknife series: Deserter. A novel of military science fiction, hailed as “fast-paced adventure” by Booklist and featuring a kick-ass heroine living in a complicated universe.

Famous FlowerTaming TessaDarkside 3In DreamsDeserter

13 responses to “Books! July-December 2004

  1. For what it’s worth, I gave STAYING DEAD and BLOOD RITES some great reviews over on SF Site. A WALK ON THE DARKSIDE got covered in my short fiction review column for Chronicle, and that should be appearing in the next few months. Shamefully, I’m behind and still need to reread and review FURIES OF CALDERON. :<
    While not my usual thing, FAMOUS FLOWER looks intriguing. If I run across it, I’ll check it out. Ditto HAMMERED, which looks interesting.
    Thanks for letting us know what all to look for!

    • There’s a book previous to _Famous Flower_ called _The Weaver and the Factory Maid_ — it came out last year. They are definitely not your usual cup of mystery tea, which is likely one of the very reasons I like the series so much.
      And you definitely should try out _Hammered_ — if you need a review copy, do say so.

  2. I just read _Blood Rites_ the other night. It rocked. Even more than the rest of Butcher’s work rocks.

  3. Okay, this is scaring me. How is it that we seem to invite people to speak at Writer’s Weekend even without realizing that they are all your clients? We may have known Jim was one of yours before we invited him last year, but we’re having Patricia Rosemoor in 2005 and we had no idea. Jim’s coming back again, too.
    weird, huh?

    • Let me guess — you invited Pat because of Rebecca York? Either way, I would submit that it’s just because you happen to have excellent taste in reading material, and thus in author guests.

      • Patricia Rosemoor was a speaker at the first RWA conference I attended and she, in a word, rocks. So, naturally I wanted to invite her to speak at WW…
        maybe if I invite a few others we can just start calling it JenCon? 🙂

  4. Thereby proving that while the agent is mighty, her Latin is not so good. 😉
    (suricattus, not surricatus)

  5. I think I’ve found my mother-in-law’s Xmas gifts…

    • And now I’m curious which one… I always think one can tell so much about people from what sits on their bookshelves (or in their CD racks). It would, perhaps, be even more interesting to judge one’s potential spouse based on what their parents read. *laugh*

      • My mother-in-law’s choice in mind-candy isn’t my cup of tea: she devours romances and cookbooks. For myself, I think I’m going to put the Kris Longknife books on my wishlist. Elizabeth Moon’s military SF has gotten Too Silly lately, so I need a new source for that. I’m thinking about the Jim Butcher fantasy novel, but the title and cover are giving me Darkover-knockoff vibes, and I’m not sure I can handle that.

        • I can agree with her on the cookbooks for sure. I need to expand my kitchen shelves soon… As for Jim’s fantasy, sorry the cover seems not to suit, but nothing inside even vaguely reminded me of Darkover (which, to be honest, I enjoyed once upon a time anyway). Of course, I thought _Furies_ was excellent – otherwise I’d never have shopped it (and I just read the second one and quite liked that as well – and I’m not just saying that on account of being his agent either). Let me know what you think of the Longknife books when you get to reading them…

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