Oh. My.

Courtesy of my lurking on egullet.org — another article about an agent who didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. This makes me so angry! *spit* I especially hate it when good agents go bad. It’s just sad, sad, sad — though considering how hard good agents work and how long it sometimes takes to get a return – either fiscal or psychological (I absolutely adore the clients who occasionally take the time to say thank you or tell me I’m doing a good job; it’s amazing how rare that actually turns out to be) – on the investment, I can almost wrap my brain around *how* it happens. The agents who start out bad – whether through ignorance or deliberation – well, the former need to be hit with a clue by 4, and the latter need to be tortured by the Inquisition until they confess their sins, and then summarily executed. Or something.

Other lesser things that have annoyed me this week: a papercut *under* one of my fingernails. Owwie. And a person who wrote a cover letter which implied — no, pretty much stated that I had requested something — “I’m delighted that you decided to review the proposal for…” — and which I could tell quite clearly from the get-go I never would have asked for. But I checked my query file anyway. No record of this person or any request for their material. I’ve also had people send me things after conferences in which their cover letter tells me how delightful it was to meet me and thanks me profusely for asking to see their work, generally enclosed therewith — when I have no recollection whatsoever of the person or their work. I know I meet a lot of people at conventions, and sometimes it can get to be quite overwhelming. However, not only do I have an excellent memory for names and titles (courtesy of many years at Waldenbooks), but I usually will take the time to jot the info on the back of one of my own business cards if the person doesn’t have one to give me. Do these people really think I’m that stupid? I always feel so insulted.

3 responses to “Oh. My.

  1. It could always be…
    …one of those people that are braver on paper than in public. I mean, maybe they were at the convention, and passed by you. *G* And it won’t quite catch the eye if they say “Hey, remember when you were talking to Bob? I was the third person in the back that laughed when you told the joke. Wanna see my book?”
    It’s still a turkey though. 😉

  2. Wow. I’d thought at this point I’d heard all the dumb ideas for getting an agent to look at your work, but those are both new ones on me. Live and fail to learn, I guess.
    I do sympathize though, being myself a terrible query letter writer. When you’ve no publication credits and are terrible at summarizing your story it’s easy to let desperation fill in the blank spots. And ever so much easier than figuring out how to write a *good* summary. *wry grin*

  3. eeesh!
    ah the stupid, because everyone wants to start a business relationship with a liar. *rolls eyes*

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