where’s that bottle of scotch?

A veritable pile of book-related drinking games on this forum thread here. I especially like “The Secondhand Mass Market Horror Paperback drinking game.” And I thought the query-letter drinking game I’ve been developing was enough. Though I might like to see a fantasy cliche drinking game or something. You know….

Drink when….

….the farmboy discovers he’s the secret child of the last high king.
….the name of the fantasy setting is unpronounceable using human vocal cords and impossible to spell
….[insert favorite, or least favorite, fantasy cliche here]

Yeah, yeah….ways to amuse one’s self on a Friday night while avoiding reading manuscripts. Heh.

5 responses to “where’s that bottle of scotch?

  1. ….[insert favorite, or least favorite, fantasy cliche here]
    The stable boy learns he’s The One foretold in prophecy.

  2. …the hero’s Love Interest (you can tell, because she’s the only woman with a speaking part) giggles.
    …it turns out that the Goddess hands out free, 100% reliable birth control.
    …an apostrophe is used anywhere other than in a possessive or contraction.

  3. Next year, when in Toronto, you can look for scotch, along with finding out which stores have which brands on the shelves here; it’s tied to thier inventory system.
    For cliches;
    … The Great Wise Powerful Wizard has to go do… something else while the heroes fight the Big Bad
    … The hero discovers hidden magic powers when attacked by mildly threatening monsters
    … You can tell when the protragonist increases in level
    … and which class that level is in

    • Drink two shots every time the party splits up. You are NOT allowed to skip the chapters in which the boring people have their sub-adventure.

  4. …take a drink when the Magical Weapon is introduced and another every time its long and bloody history is introduced.
    …take two drinks if the hero and the villain are related in any way.
    …one shot for every talking animal.

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