new feed for those interested in publishing news

The other day while wandering around looking for reactions to the recent reorganization at Harlequin, I stumbled across a site called Booksquare. The author of that site is a fiction writer with a journalistic background (according to her, “clearly the opinion page”) and she appears to cull several industry resources for her articles. So I’ve set up an LJ feed for it — booksquare.

5 responses to “new feed for those interested in publishing news

  1. Neat – 3 users added in the first 10 minutes after I posted the announcement. I suddenly suspect it will end up having more viewers than any of my blogs (which, admittedly, are all personal and don’t report any near as regularly).

  2. New Feed…
    Thanks for the heads up! The more places I can get publishing news the happier I am. =)

  3. Thanks for the feed! More publishing news is always good.
    Do you have any links or info on this Harlequin situation? I’ve got a submission in their stacks somewhere and more planned; I’d really like to know what’s up. This is the first I’d heard of it.

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