most literate cities report

There was an article posted on USA Today’s website yesterday about the America’s Most Literate Cities report for 2004, which according to its own site “finds a statistical answer for 79 cities, drawing on numerous data resources to measure the public’s propensity for reading. The information is compiled from U.S. census data, newspaper circulation rates, magazine publishing, educational attainment levels, library resources, and booksellers.”

What’s interesting to me, personally, is that New York, America’s home of the publishing industry, is #49 on the list. Ouch. And more pertinent to my own living space – not a single city in the state of CT even appears on the list. I guess I’ll have to console myself with Boston coming in at #8…. or consider moving to Minneapolis (though lots of publishing people seem to make their escape from Manhattan to Seattle, also the home of many writers of my acquaintance, so maybe that would work too).

7 responses to “most literate cities report

  1. #1 #1 #1!!
    There are reasons why the likes of Bujold and Brust and Bull like it or came from here. For a relatively small city, it is pretty well off, artistically.

  2. LJ is being very odd. It just showed a blank post.
    In which I’d actually poined out that you could come to SF: we’re number ten.

  3. Being the publisher of the New York Post would be enough to send any city down a few dozen rankings. 🙂
    Actually, I think there may be a population density factor. One of the things measured was number of booksellers per 10,000 people–it startled me to find that number so low in New York, which has so many bookstores, until I realized that a lot more people were crammed into the physical areas those bookstores served than in other cities.

  4. I think cities in CT are actually just too small… 2000 figures for Hartford (Kevin made me look it up) list it at only 121000 people, and the survey lists cities as 200k. Which disappointed Kev cuz he wanted to see where Albany would rank.

  5. I would like to note that half of the bottom 10 cities are in Texas.
    Our “president” is from Texas.
    I’m just saying…

  6. At least your city is listed, dearheart. The closest my little burg can get to the listing is in being 8 hours drive from one of the top ten cities. And we’re a “college” town to boot, go figure…

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