more dreams

So I woke up from dreaming about filing (which had become aggregiously disorganized on account of the laziness and inattention of a co-worker) and sorting through piles of manuscripts and books, many of which were for authors I don’t actually represent. I can’t figure this is a good sign.

2 responses to “more dreams

  1. It might mean that since the mess was related to authors that you don’t represent, that it’s not “your mess”. More of an affirmation, than a message 🙂

  2. Ah! I often dream about endless filing, or putting things in shopping bags, when I feel any desk type workload will greet me in the morning. It’s worse when I dream about trying to “file” in word processing: desperately trying to name and save docs before they close on me.
    These might not be in the standard Dream Book interpretations, since the angst is recent in the social timeline.
    At least you didn’t dream about travel anxiety: the one where you’re in a maze of transit and don’t have a passport.

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