for the Anne Bishop fans….

We now have a cover for _Dreams Made Flesh_ (due out in January 2005 and featuring all new stories set in the Realms of the Blood).

7 responses to “for the Anne Bishop fans….

  1. You do know WHY I have to buy this book, even if I wasn’t already a fan of her work (via the Black Jewels novels).

    • If you’re referring to the title being the same as that of your game scenario, then yes, I know why. Otherwise, you’ll have to enlighten me. BTW, that title was chosen about a year and a half ago (by myself – I actually titled the books of the original trilogy too) and comes from a phrase oft used to identify Jaenelle in the trilogy.

      • Well yes, of course.
        And I never implied or meant to imply that the title was other than a sweet coincidence.
        Who knows, maybe I took the title of my game from a phrase in the books, I don’t know.
        Sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. Whoa, NICE cover. Speaking of which, did I tell you, I’ve seen my new one? Only in black and white, but same theme, this time with the cover torn or burned away, to reveal the theatre. Gawjuss!

  3. Was the alternate title Dreams Made Backless? That poor girl must be cold! Give her a shawl, somebody!
    Seriously, looks amazingly cool. Congrats. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the author update. I just passed on the news to several fans.

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