In my email, this morning…

….a note from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller:

_Balance of Trade_ in hardcover is on the edge of selling out. Given the time involved in hardcover binding, there will not (*not*) be a second edition in hardcover in the near future.

Soooo, if you were thinking of buying _BoT_ in hardcover — as a present, bribe, mortgage payment, whatever — you may wish to make that purchase sooner rather than later.

Also, please do remember that the publication of the _BoT_ tradepaper edition has been put back to September.

So, if any of you were holding off on the purchase, you might want to reconsider. I’m gobsmacked. It was only released the weekend of Boskone. Which was just less than a month ago. And sold out already? That sure lends credence to their climbing popularity. Lucky me, to get to work with them. *grin*

4 responses to “In my email, this morning…

  1. I went ahead and got myself a copy of the hardcover… paid full price for it, too, despite my dislike of paying that much for a book. 🙂 But I wanted that Liaden and I wanted it-niaaaow-, dammit. (As my cats would say)
    Good, good stuff.

  2. Are the Liaden books still being handled by Meisha Merlin? I know I’ve seen them in Borders but I haven’t checked the spines of the later ones.
    I miss the old covers with the two-face-and-starfield look. Those were arresting. 🙂

    • I liked the Ace versions of those covers, but not so much the MM ones.
      My copy’s been preordered for a while. I keep hitting refresh on Amazon’s “where’s your stuff?” page…

  3. Makes me glad I got my copy at Boskone (and got it signed).
    And I’m in the course of reading it now too.

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